Health Insurance

Unfortunately an individual's medical history and pre-existing conditions sometimes determine the kind of health insurance coverage available to them. The case of health insurance for seniors and the elderly can get complicated, but Aging Tree can help. The first step in determining a seniors health insurance plan should be to determine Medicare (and or Medicaid) qualifications. The second should be to find a trusted provider who can develop a plan that's right for you.

Life Insurance

Aging Tree has screened reliable, trusted life insurance providers in the Volusia County area who specialize in developing insurance plans for seniors. If you don't have a solid life insurance plan, you should look into term life insurance. It's very important that your financial expenses be paid and some income secured to avoid placing a burden on your family in the event of your death. If you know that life insurance is necessary for you at this time in your life, Aging Tree can point you to an insurance company that will assist in acquiring an affordable, comprehensive plan. If you have questions about term life insurance regarding your specific situation, contact one of our screened providers.

Life Planning (Financial)

Life planning helps you align your financial goals with your life goals to ensure that you are living your best life as you age.

Long Term Care

Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) helps seniors and their families handle the high costs incurred with long term care. The cost of living becomes very steep when your independence, mobility and health are declining. Without Long Term Care Insurance, the assets of seniors and their families can be exhausted in no time. LTCI helps pay for the services of in-home caregivers, housekeepers, nurses, and therapists, which many seniors need as much as seven days a week. If Long Term Care Insurance seems right for you or a loved one, contact one of Aging Tree's senior-centered, quality-approved providers today.
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