Home Care

Home Care

In-home care is assistance provided within the home that is NOT medically based...

Adult Day Care

Adult day care services are an ideal alternative to hiring a caregiver in the home to look after a loved one...

House Cleaning

House cleaning involves a great deal of ability and good mobility. As we age, things around the house become a little harder to accomplish...

Home Modification/Handyman Services

Home modification is one of the most important factors of aging in place...

Home Repair/Maintenance

Maintaining your home is an important part of aging in place so that you do not find yourself having more repairs than you can afford...

Home Security

It's crucial to ensure that you have a top-notch home security system in place (especially since seniors are more vulnerable to attacks)...

Lawn Care

Seniors who choose to age in place may find that as the years progress, many of the household tasks that they used to enjoy must be turned over to someone else. This is especially true of landscaping and lawn care...

Pest Control

Seniors who choose to age in place, for whom compromised immune systems may become a concern, should have their homes regularly treated by a reputable pest control company...

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Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance
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What’s in Your Medicine Cabinet? Part 3: Vitamins and Supplements
A week does not go by without one of my clients asking if there is a supplement they can take for their symptoms. In this last part of our three-part series titled “What’s in Your...
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