Assisted/Senior Living

Alzheimer's/Memory Care

Alzheimer's and memory care assisted living and nursing home settings offer a more detailed level of care for seniors with dementia...

Assisted Living

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The term "assisted living" encompasses a variety of senior living institutions, but what they all have in common is the fact that residents receive help or assistance with daily living procedures (such as cooking, cleaning, taking medication, and transportation).

Continuing Care (CCRC)

Continuing Care Retirement Communities provide a variety of senior care options in one setting, allowing residents to advance in treatment and care throughout the aging process...

Independent Living

Independent living homes and neighborhoods provide seniors with a communal atmosphere, complete with activities to keep residents social and well-engaged with their peers...

Respite Care

Respite Care

Low Income Senior Housing

Section 8 (Rent Supplement) Program (HUD sponsored) - If you have a very low annual income and you have very limited assets, you may be eligible for rental assistance.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes provide care for seniors who are unable to live on their own or whose medical condition requires around the clock care.

Over 55+ Communities

Over 55+ Communities - An age-restricted community is a housing area, often gated, that typically limits 80% of the residency to individuals who are over a set age. Often the minimum age for at least one of the residents is 50 years, but it could be 55 or even 60.
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