Issue: October 2018 Legacy Magazine: Fall into Something New

Publish Date: October 1, 2018

My co-worker brought these cookies to work and had me try them. Wow! Yum! I just knew these had to be my October recipe! I haven’t tried decorating them but wouldn’t that be cute for your Halloween Party? Let me know how they come out!

Trina's Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Issue Articles

Published: October 1, 2018

Fall is my favorite season.

  A new season arrives! I always welcome a new season with excitement and hope that the changes open doors to glorious new possibilities. Fall is my favorite season....

Travel Smart: Just Imagine…A Unicorn Spotting Scavenger Hunt Trough Scotland

How many of these do you know? What is the national animal of: Australia? The kangaroo, of course! China? The giant panda… though the guide on any tour you may go on will tell you...

Keeping His Eye on the Ball, Jim Johnson marks history through confidence and focus

In 1964, Jim Johnson wasn’t your typical college student. And, in 2018, he’s still not a typical husband and father. That’s because grit, resilience, determination,...

Staying Well as We Head into the Fall Holiday Season

Staying well as we head into flu season and the holidays may pose a special challenge depending on your experiences in the past and your current state of health. This time of year...

INSIDE ADVISOR: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late To Plan

I had a sad experience today. A family came in to get my help with obtaining Aide & Attendant Care Benefits from the VA for their father, who suffers with Dementia. I asked him...

Which Room is the Worst Room of the House for Falls?

Simple steps that we can use to prevent falls. No one likes to fall, when we are infants we start out by crawling and then we find our strength and stand upright for the first time, and...

INSIDE ADVISOR: Music Therapy for Hospice Patients Delivers Benefits and Spurs Memories

Music Therapy for Hospice Patients Delivers Benefits and Spurs Memories Music Therapy for Hospice Patients Delivers Benefits and Spurs Memories There’s power in music...

QUICK TIPS: Medical Alert Devices

Medical Alert Devices – A device that can save your life with a push of a button. What you need to know. Powerful Peace-Of-Mind: You’ll rest peacefully knowing that, if...

INSIDE ADVISOR: Communication – What’s Really Important?

Over the years I have noticed two missing, but important, components in Dementia Care. For a variety of reasons, patience and compassion are often ignored or forgotten. This is...

INSIDE ADVISOR: Social Security and Medicare, Working Side By Side

Social Security and Medicare have worked side by side for decades. Both programs have improved the quality of life for millions of Americans. Social Security & Medicare,...

October 2018 Days of the Year

October is…Breast Cancer Awareness, Computer Learning, Dyslexia Awareness, Emotional Intelligence Awareness, Fair Trade, Family History, Int’ Black Cat...
Top 10 “Worries” of Older Americans – Part 3: False Confidence, When to Consider Giving Up Driving and our Desire to Remain Independent.
In this issue, you’ll find the final part of the 3-part series entitled Aging Happy: Top 10 “Worries” of Older Americans. Here we will address the topics of False...
Top 10 “Worries” of Older Americans Part 2: Cutting Costs, Staying in Your Own Home, Sudden Bills and Financial Security
Part 2: Cutting Costs, Staying in Your Own Home, Sudden Bills and Financial Security Let’s address 4 more issues on the Top 10 “Worries” of Older Americans: Cutting...
From Despair to Delight: A story of Self-Sacrifice through love, service and faith
Helene’s Near Misses — A legacy of caring and daring greatly Helene Kereluk of DeLand is the queen of near misses. Or, she simply may be the most fortunate...
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