Issue: May 2015: 5 Star Nursing Homes Revealed

Publish Date: May 1, 2015

This pasta salad is anything but ordinary. The combination of vegetables and pasta come together with a tangy dressing everyone will love. It’s the perfect side dish for that Cinco De Mayo party, Mother’s Day brunch or Memorial Day barbecue. Enjoy!

Orzo Pasta Salad

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Issue Articles

Published: May 1, 2015

Today’s Nursing Home

Not long ago, the term “nursing home” carried less-than positive connotations. For some still to this day, discussing the need or possibility for nursing care is about as...

My Aging Tree Experience

Barbara Grimm has lived in Orange City for 30 years. She has a brother who lives in DeLand, and an 81-year-old sister in Deltona. Over the past many months, Grimm and her brother have...

Oak View Suites at John Knox

Are you or a loved one ready to move into an assisted living facility (ALF)? How do you know? What does “assisted living” really mean? If you’re a senior, or you care for a...

Just Love Your Heart

May is one of my favorite months with National Nurse’s Day, Mother’s Day and both my daughter and sister’s birthday. All of these are very special occasions that make my...

Healing Angels

Parish Nurse Ministries are alive and well at Catholic churches throughout Volusia County. Eastside Catholic parishes as well as West Volusia parishes such as St. Ann’s...

Support Groups at Aging Tree

In this age of social media, blogs and online meet-ups, you may start to think connecting with others is best done through a computer monitor or smartphone. But that’s not the...

Heart-Soul-Body-Mind – Mother Knows Best

“Mother knows best”, has been a catch phrase in our society for years, when a mother’s advice goes unheeded and the maternal warning becomes prophetic in fulfillment....

Why “Strong Roots” for a name?

Hello Everybody. Welcome to this edition of Strong Roots. In case you missed the article last month. I would like to introduce myself to you again. My Name is John Joslin and along...

The Evolution of Nursing in America

Nursing has evolved to unprecedented degree, surprising to colonial midwives, but probably not to America’s first “professionally trained” nursing pioneers like...

May National Days of The Month

1      Intl. Tuba Day – 1st Friday in May 1      May Day 1      Loyalty Day 1      Mother Goose Day 1      Save the Rhino Day 1      Space...

Nursing Home Guide

“Never yet was a springtime, when the buds forgot to bloom.” – Margaret Elizabeth Sangster With May being the month of springtime and fresh, new blooms it seems...
Top 10 “Worries” of Older Americans – Part 3: False Confidence, When to Consider Giving Up Driving and our Desire to Remain Independent.
In this issue, you’ll find the final part of the 3-part series entitled Aging Happy: Top 10 “Worries” of Older Americans. Here we will address the topics of False...
Top 10 “Worries” of Older Americans Part 2: Cutting Costs, Staying in Your Own Home, Sudden Bills and Financial Security
Part 2: Cutting Costs, Staying in Your Own Home, Sudden Bills and Financial Security Let’s address 4 more issues on the Top 10 “Worries” of Older Americans: Cutting...
From Despair to Delight: A story of Self-Sacrifice through love, service and faith
Helene’s Near Misses — A legacy of caring and daring greatly Helene Kereluk of DeLand is the queen of near misses. Or, she simply may be the most fortunate...
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