Issue: August 2018 Legacy: National Senior Citizen’s Day

Publish Date: July 31, 2018

We all love this coleslaw recipe. For a fast side to a barbecue or a take along dish, you can't beat it. You can even use the prepackaged coleslaw mix if you are in a hurry or don't have a food processor. Mona likes the apples, so that is how we usually have it when she comes over.

Shelby's Tasty Coleslaw

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Issue Articles

Published: July 31, 2018

Celebrate National Senior Citizens Day on August 21st

Here at Aging Tree, we are excited to celebrate National Senior Citizens Day on August 21st. We care deeply about being advocates to protect the dignity and rights of our senior...

Travel Smart: How Souvenirs from Your Favorite Spots Tell Your Story

Sometimes I think it’s a state law to have a gift shop upon entry and exit of the most dreamed of destinations. And many times I see the tourists spending more time in the gift shop...

A Legacy of Being “Ordinary”

“I’m not special-I don’t stand out. I’m just a God fearing ordinary American citizen…For God and Country”. These are the humble words spoken from Bob Boffa when...

10 Ways to Honor Seniors on National Seniors Day

In 1988, former President Ronald Reagan had a vision for getting everyone involved to honor our seniors who have given us so much. “Throughout our history, older people...

INSIDE ADVISOR: Finding the Holy Grail of Aging: Happy and Secure

Millions of Americans are facing old age essentially alone. Some may be in a relationship where chronic illness has struck both partners simultaneously. Many children live too...

Helpful Tips for Traveling with your Mobility Product

Helpful Tips for Traveling with your Mobility Product Don’t let limited mobility stop you from seeing the places you’ve always dreamed of!   Summer travel season is in...

INSIDE ADVSIOR: VITAS’ Best Friend: Paw Pals® Know Just How to Visit a Hospice Patient

Seniors who are pet owners enjoy less isolation and loneliness are typically more active, weigh less and visit doctors less frequently than non-owners. Pet ownership has also...

3 Methods to Perform a Backup

3 Methods toPerform a Backup Over the past few months, I have given conducted a series of seminars that address some of the issues that seniors are bit ‘fuzzy’ about. Not to my...

INSIDE ADVISOR: National Senior Citizen Day is August 21, A Day to Celebrate!

We can thank President Ronald Reagan for declaring August 21 National Senior Citizen Day. The purpose of the holiday is for all of us to give back to the seniors who have given to us so...

Senior’s Got Talent

  Seniors Got Talent was founded by The Riviera assisted living to highlight the senior talent of local residents. Since its start, it was a way for seniors to express...

INSIDE ADVISOR: Social Security, We Know What Matters – It’s You!

We named our blog Social Security Matters for a few reasons. Yes, we matter to millions of people. And the matters we write about—from policy changes to new programs—from...

QUICK TIPS: Air Conditioning Tips for the Summer Months – Keeping it Cool

Air Conditioning Tips for the Summer Months Change your filter regularly, before it gets clogged. Use a 90 day,  pleated filter that cost about $5-$6. The cheap see through 30 day...

August Days of the Month

August is…Anti-Frizz, Fishing, Happiness Happens, Inventor’s, Peach, Romance Awareness, and Water Quality Month August is…Anti-Frizz, Fishing,...
Top 10 “Worries” of Older Americans – Part 3: False Confidence, When to Consider Giving Up Driving and our Desire to Remain Independent.
In this issue, you’ll find the final part of the 3-part series entitled Aging Happy: Top 10 “Worries” of Older Americans. Here we will address the topics of False...
Top 10 “Worries” of Older Americans Part 2: Cutting Costs, Staying in Your Own Home, Sudden Bills and Financial Security
Part 2: Cutting Costs, Staying in Your Own Home, Sudden Bills and Financial Security Let’s address 4 more issues on the Top 10 “Worries” of Older Americans: Cutting...
From Despair to Delight: A story of Self-Sacrifice through love, service and faith
Helene’s Near Misses — A legacy of caring and daring greatly Helene Kereluk of DeLand is the queen of near misses. Or, she simply may be the most fortunate...
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