Issue: April 2015: Fountain of Youth FOUND!

Publish Date: April 1, 2015

Spring with its milder weather is the perfect time to make soup in Florida. And what’s better than a onedish meal simmering on the stove-top. This recipe for minestrone soup is chock full of healthy vegetables and protein. I think you will agree that it is delicious. Add a loaf of crusty bread and you’ve got a great lunch or dinner. Enjoy!

Over-the-Top Minestrone Soup

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Issue Articles

Published: April 1, 2015

Fountain of Youth Found!

This month we decided we wanted to have some April Fools fun with our loyal readers, and in the process of batting around ideas about our Fountain of Youth Found! article – we...

Covance Clinical Research Unit

Clinical trials: We hear about them all the time. They’re essential in helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies develop drugs to benefit people around the world. In West...

Orange City Surgical Solutions

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Tapping Into the Fountain of Youth

It is no small matter as we endeavor to age gracefully, to possess the equilibrium in our body that will add life to our years in the form of health, strength, vitality, grace,...

Beginning of Strong Roots

I want to welcome you to our new corner in Aging Tree Illustrated that I am calling Strong Roots! With this issue I would like to introduce myself with My Senior Life. Focusing on...

April Fool’s Day

Most events noted on the calendar are traceable to a significant historical person, event, or religious observance. Not so April Fool’s day – a day given to jokes and pranks on...

Heart-Soul-Body-Mind – How to Live Longer – The Fountain of Youth

The nation will commemorate Folk lore and science fiction are filled with tales of those who discover the secrets of longevity. Prior to the scientific age there were many a...

April National Days of The Month

1 April Fool’s Day 1 International Fun at Work Day 1 International Tatting Day 2 Children’s Book Day 2 National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day 2 Reconciliation Day 3 Don’t Go to...

Fountain of Youth for Seniors

Although the first of this month marks April Fool’s Day, “yours truly” will choose to live vicariously through the pranking of others––or will I? You’ll just have to...
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6 Concerns for Your Prescribed Medications
  6 Concerns for Your Prescribed Meds: Interactions, Safety, Costs, Storage, Expiration, Virtual Medicine Cabinet A sure sign of life change can be what your medicine...
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