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Article Topic: Helpful Resources

QUICK TIPS: When Does a Senior Citizen on Social Security Stop Filing Taxes?

Top 8 Tax Facts 2017 may not be as TAXING as you think! Here are some tax facts to keep in mind for 2017: You may not need to file a tax return. Filing requirements depend on your age,...

Clearing the Clutter Part 2

Clearing the Clutter Part 2 Last month we began the conversation about challenges to clearing the clutter in our homes. This often becomes a more urgent priority when needing to...

INSIDE ADVISOR: Proactive Planning to Age Easier

Nobody wants to think about the time when they will need others to make decisions for them. But with advances in medicine and technology, humans are making it longer than they ever...

When is it Time to Consider Assisted Living?

I am one of those people that cherishes the holiday season though I am always eager to move forward with the new year. The celebrations and festivities are wonderful but there is...

Top 5 Things to look for when moving into an ALF

Top 5 Things to look for when moving into an ALF Comfortable living accommodations – Do you see yourself or your loved one being able to make this their home Cleanliness...

Your True North

When psychologists, thought leaders, and nationally known speakers discuss “true north”, they’re often discussing that part of a person that directs him or her to...

The ABCs–and Ds–of Medicare: A Health Insurance Pocket-Guide to Get You Started

When Is the Open Enrollment Period? Should I get Medicare or a Medicare replacement plan? Life used to be simpler. At least it seems that way now, especially when you’re trying to...

INSIDE ADVISOR: Funding a Revocable Living Trust

People frequently fail to correctly fund their Revocable Living Trust. Funding a trust means an asset (or assets) is owned by the trust instead of an individual or jointly by...

How To Keep your Mind Active With Computers

The third installment of a three-part series, “Alzheimer’s and Dementia,” is included in this issue of Aging Tree Illustrated, and I hope you’ve had an opportunity to...
LEGACY: Trapped No More – A Family’s Rewritten Story
Children of coal miners in the 1930s hardly enjoyed the joie de vivre of adolescence. Theirs was a short childhood, often abruptly transitioning to coal-mine work when they were...
LEGACY – Integrity on Ice: Joseph Dallanegra’s Legacy
Born on Feb. 6, 1933, Joseph Dallanegra was raised in New Jersey as the son of two ambitious attorneys; his mother was a researcher and his father was a trial lawyer. Some of...
LEGACY – Wings of Love: The Story of a Pilot Who Flew President Johnson in Air Force One
On May 28, 1999, Lt. Col. W.J. Williams USAF and the 1254th Transport Group wrote a memoir to his family. In part, it read… A cheerful, spry man, now 91, Mr. Williams’ eyes smiled...
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