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Senior Couple Meeting With Financial Advisor In Office
Volusia County Senior Services Guide and Free Counseling

Find Volusia County Senior Care Programs. Talk to a live counselor about Safety Rated Home Care, Assisted Living, Nursing Home, Retirement Communities for Seniors.

Free Volusia County Senior Services Guide and Counselors. Find your Senior Care starting place and get help today! Call us at 1-866-320-8803 for your free in-person or on-the-phone counselor. All calls are confidential.

Aging Tree is an all-encompassing one-stop-senior-care resource that exists to help seniors and their families understand the safe service options and programs that are offered within Central Florida and how to get them.  From private pay to 100% insurance covered programs, we specialize in helping you find and compare the right senior care options free of charge. Whether you are giving some forethought to your journey into aging, or you want to get educated and find some help for your mom, grandpa, or neighbor, Aging Tree will provide informative and educational guidance –with various options for the most qualified elder care services along the way.

“Aging Tree helped my parents when we didn’t know where to start. We called and they counseled us over the phone. We found several different services we didn’t know existed to help us. All at no charge!” Judy Henderson


Talk to a Free Live Counselor Now!  Call us at 1-866-320-8803 for your free in-person or on-the-phone counselor. 

Don’t know what to do? We love to help you find your starting place and understand your options. Known as the local “senior care chamber of commerce”, we are supported by the local properly licensed senior care businesses in the community.

How Aging Tree Can Help

Think of Aging Tree as a free roadmap to eldercare and its many facets. Our aim is to educate first and then to provide quality senior care options and services for your family. Find helpful articles on all types of senior care topics by clicking here. The senior service information we offer will cover everything from nursing homes and assisted living facilities, to Home CareFlorida Elder Law Attorney’s, estate sales, medical equipment, senior financial advocacy, and more.

about-pic3CEO Corey Shenk says that the preponderance of retirees creates a sense of isolation for many older people. “Often their families are far away; and as they see their independence diminishing, they may realize they need help in many areas. What they’re lacking is someone to help sort out what’s available to them, what they need and where to get it,” he continues. “Often it’s the family who needs that same assistance, since they’re concerned but too far away to be proactive in arranging services.” Aging Tree exists to bridge the gap between seniors, families and eldercare solutions.

Since the seed of Aging Tree has only recently been planted, and the goal of the organization is to continue to grow and develop with the senior care market (even as Aging Tree is well into its maturity), do yourself the service of keeping up with constant developments in elder care information and resources by checking into the Aging Tree website or call us today at 1-866-320-8803

Where to Start

The hardest part about considering the many aspects of Florida elder living is finding a trustworthy source to provide you with answers to the obstacles ahead. Now that you’ve found Aging Tree, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that our expert support staff and vast knowledge of Florida senior care is at your disposal. Start your search for Assisted Living Facilities and Home Care Here

First of all, you might be wondering how in the world to even begin looking into elder care and all of its components. Let’s get started:

Senior Care: Where to Start?

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