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How Can Aging Tree Help Me?

The initial senior care discovery process can be a little daunting and stressful for anyone considering elder care services or products for themselves or a loved one.

Often times an event occurs that accelerates the need for comprehensive senior care guidance, such as a slip and fall, hospital visit or new diagnosis. Understandably, our clients find themselves frustrated trying to navigate the senior health care system, while having to make important decisions about health and wellbeing rather quickly.  This is where mistakes can occur–and this is where Aging Tree can be of great assistance, saving you time, money and ensuring peace-of-mind.

DNA is NOT Your Destiny

I often hear clients who are in the "second half of life”"comment: "At my age I have what I have, nothing I can do about it at this point" or "I have really bad genes, just unlucky". Have you heard these comments or know someone who thinks this way? READ MORE >

The History of St. Patrick's Day in the U.S.A.

On March 17, 2015, millions of Americans will don a shamrock and revel in an Americanized version of Irish culture in tribute to St. Patrick. However, Patrick’s life and achievements are unknown by most Americans. READ MORE >

I Am A Social Worker

The nation will commemorate National Social Work Month this month (March). To better understand who social workers are, and what they do, I would like to share with you the different roles I have had in my career in the social work profession.

Aging Tree is a unique company that provides one-stop shop solutions. Our resource center gives seniors and their families a place to start as they begin to confront the many aspects of senior living and elder care, sharing unbiased information on senior options in an extremely helpful and effective format.  

Our Senior Care Advisors can provide a quick solution or a comprehensive, proactive plan–even for families attempting to help mom or dad from a distance.  The best part is: our Senior Care Advisor Services are FREE! 

Experts in Florida senior services and senior living options support our organization, and the foundation of Aging Tree is reinforced by a variety of professional companies and associations that have passed rigorous standards for quality, ethics and reliability.   

Think of us as your Senior Services Chamber of Commerce, protecting and helping families understand options, benefits and costs associated with senior home care, assisted living facilities, elder law, senior care management, nursing homes, CCRC's, hospice care, home medical supply and safety, financial assistance, real estate transitions, medical professionals, hearing centers, and so much more, all in one location.

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